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Artist Statement




I am a multidisciplinary artist: a painter, sculptor, potter, costume creator, and fabricator. Using multiple skill sets to create a dynamic variety of work keeps me ­­engaged and invested in my personal growth. The idea that we are constantly changed and reborn through our life experiences is one of the key components of my creative process and art.

An emerging theme in my work is creating a sense of movement and tension within stationary compositions which are meant to elicit a feeling of momentum and change. In my cast iron piece, “Metamorphosis”, the use of wrapped fabric texture and the female form created delicate flow and an intimate vulnerability; it is a representation of being in the midst of transformation.


Community involvement is an aspect I try to include in my work. The creation of public art, in the form of large-scale outdoor sculptures, keeps me connected to the community and people. Through these works, I can enhance the landscape and engage with viewers outside of museums and galleries. Exposing people who may not otherwise have a chance to experience such types of work outside of a formal setting is a bridge that is sorely needed in the art community. Though each large-scale sculpture has a different theme, the motifs of movement and change are present throughout.


As an artist, I aspire to learn, grow, and educate. By seeking out new techniques and processes I am able to cultivate the diverse skills that enable me to create beautiful works. Sharing my knowledge through collaborations and workshops, as it was shared with me, keeps me grounded in our diverse art community.

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